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RAW Entrepreneurship
Coaching Program

- Growth & Expansion -

Assessing Current Business State

- Introduction to the coaching program and expectations

- Evaluating the current state of your business

- Identifying key challenges and growth opportunities

- Setting goals for business scaling

Enhancing Marketing and Sales

- Assessing current marketing and sales strategies

- Developing a comprehensive marketing plan for scaling

- Implementing effective lead generation and conversion strategies

- Leveraging online and social media platforms for business growth

Expanding Product/Service Offerings

- Assessing the market demand for new offerings

- Researching and developing new products or services

- Testing and validating new offerings with target customers

- Developing marketing and sales strategies for the new offerings

Managing Risks and Navigating Challenges

- Identifying potential risks and challenges in scaling

- Developing risk management strategies and contingency plans

- Implementing effective crisis management protocols

- Overcoming common hurdles in business scaling

Developing a Growth Strategy

- Defining your business growth vision

- Conducting market research and competitor analysis for expansion

- Identifying target markets and customer segments for growth

- Creating a growth strategy and action plan

Financial Management and Planning

- Evaluating financial health and performance of your business

- Creating a financial forecast and budget for scaling

- Exploring funding options and investment opportunities

- Implementing financial management systems and controls

Scaling Organizational Structure and Leadership

- Assessing the current organizational structure's scalability

- Developing a growth-oriented organizational structure

- Enhancing leadership skills for managing a growing team

- Implementing effective communication and decision-making processes

Measuring and Monitoring Growth

- Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring growth

- Establishing a tracking and monitoring system for progress

- Conducting periodic performance and growth assessments

- Making data-driven decisions for further scaling

Optimizing Operations and Processes

- Evaluating current operations and identifying bottlenecks

- Streamlining processes for improved efficiency and productivity

- Implementing project management tools and strategies

- Training and empowering your team for growth

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

- Identifying potential strategic partners for scaling

- Developing mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations

- Negotiating and establishing strategic alliances for growth

- Leveraging networks and industry connections

Technology and Automation for Scalability

- Identifying technological solutions for business scalability

- Automating repetitive tasks and processes

- Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) tools

- Leveraging technology to improve customer experience

Reflection and

Next Steps

- Reflecting on the progress and achievements throughout the coaching program

- Identifying areas for continued growth and improvement

- Creating an action plan for sustainable scaling beyond the coaching program


Module 1: Assessing Current Business State

Module 2: Developing a Growth Strategy

Module 3: Optimizing Operations and Processes

Module 4: Enhancing Marketing and Sales

Module 5: Financial Management and Planning

Module 6: Building Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Module 7: Expanding Product/Service Offerings

Module 8: Scaling Organizational Structure and Leadership

Module 9: Technology and Automation for Scalability

Module 10: Managing Risks and Navigating Challenges 

Module 11: Measuring and Monitoring Growth

Module 12: Reflection and Next Steps


Course Outline

Course Structure and Format:

- The coaching program will be conducted through one-on-one sessions with a dedicated coach.

- Each session will last approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the topic and depth of discussion.

- Sessions will be scheduled at regular intervals (e.g., bi-weekly or monthly) to allow for progress and implementation between sessions.

- The coach will provide personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

- Course materials, resources, and action steps will be provided after each session to facilitate ongoing learning and progress.

- Participants will have access to additional support and guidance through email or other communication channels in case of any queries or challenges faced between sessions.

- The course duration is spread over 6-12 months to allow for in-depth coaching, implementation, and reflection on progress.

- Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the coaching process, ask questions, share challenges, and celebrate successes.


Note: This agenda, course outline, and course format can be further customized based on the specific requirements and goals of the one-on-one entrepreneur coaching practice.

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