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Celebrating Our $750 Million Sales Milestone....

Updated: May 4

September 2021 was a very special month for us!

We have spent our entire career building amazing companies… with some absolutely amazing people.

Most have been handed off to others and some have changed names over the years, but we do try to keep track of the lifetime revenue of these companies and this month, we project that we have surpassed $750 million in lifetime sales and thousands of great jobs.

It’s never been about the money. It’s always been about building amazing teams and doing things that we never thought were possible. From never thinking that we could clean the windows on a 30 story building to building a rental marketplace when so many who had tried and failed before us.

Building any one of these have never been easy, but I have learned something from every single one of them, which helps me build the next one.

Businesses that are still going strong include…

Celebrating - 35 years - Cody Window Cleaning

Celebrating - 28 Years - Highrise Scaffolding

Celebrating - 26 years - Lou X Rentals

Celebrating - 26 years - HighriseMatthews Heavy Equipment and Ariel Lifts

Celebrating - 25 years - Bobcat Dealership

Celebrating - 23 years - Cody Party & Event Rentals

Celebrating - 17 years - Luscious Linen

Celebrating - 11 years - Cody Mobile

Celebrating - 6 years - Better Software

Celebrating - 7 months - Marketplace Studio

Celebrating - 4 months -

Celebrating - 3 months - Bûnking Ventures

Business that have since closed:

- Rückify - Former partner took over and it died within a year.

- Swing Stage Rentals closed 12 years after selling

- Monster Halloween Stores closed 8 years after selling because of pandemic


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