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A Must Read For Every Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

How Emyth Revisited Changed my Life and Inspired be to be a Better Entrepreneur.

I came across this book for the first time about 20 years ago and it still has a profound impact on my life today. It all started when I was driving all the way from Ottawa to Florida with five kids in the car. I wanted to listen to something captivating that would keep me entertained for the long road trip ahead. What I didn’t know was how this book would impact my life and help shape my entrepreneurial journey.

E-Myth Revisited is a business and entrepreneurship novel written by Michael Gerber that aims to debunk myths around starting your own business. This novel walks you through each step of starting your own business from entrepreneurial infancy, through adolescent growing pains, to the mature entrepreneurial perspective.

Listening to this e-book was almost like therapy for me. The profound realizations I had have had a direct impact on each one of my business ventures. For me, it really helped define the true meaning of being an entrepreneur. It clearly depicted and outlined in great detail the struggles that you may have early on in your entrepreneurship journey while simultaneously teaching me about the core characteristics that you can expect from a true entrepreneur. This e-book takes you on a journey of realizations, helping you to realize if you’re an entrepreneur, or a manager trying to be an entrepreneur.

One of the major realizations that I took from this novel was the importance of building concrete processes within your business. If you create a solid process it means that other people can run your business for you without you being there. This is important because it means that your customers can receive the same level of care and expect the same level of exceptional service from other team members within your organization.

I must have listened to this ebook three or four times while driving to and from Florida, each one of my kids could probably recite it at this point. As soon as I got back from vacationing with my family, I took the lessons I learned and got to work. My first step was creating my own process. I knew that in order to bring my business to the next level I had to create my own software. I knew that in doing so I would be able to define and automate my businesses process and that’s how The Better Software Company was born.

My life changed after listening to this ebook and I gift it to every entrepreneur I can. I’ve bought thousands of copies of this book and shipped it to fellow entrepreneurs all around the world. One day I walked into a shop to buy flowers for my wife and got to talking with the owner and she mentioned that she was really struggling with her business. I left, went straight to chapters, bought the book, and brought it back to her. She had the exact same realizations as I had. This book truly made an impact on her life and helped her reflect and pivo accordingly.

This book is extremely powerful, and I recommend it for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

If you’re interested in reading it for yourself you can check it out on Audible here:


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