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Better Software - Always Finding A Way!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I often get asked about Better Software, and I am proud to report that our Management Team had acquired Better Software in 2021.

The team is completely committed and focused on the vision of continuing to build and deliver a world class software product that helps the best franchise owners operate their businesses ever single day, and I could not feel any prouder about this outcome.

Better Software was born from my philosophy of always finding a way…

It all started in 2013, as things were going well. Cody Party Rentals was growing, Monster Halloween was growing, and we had just launched CodyMobile, and our early success was very exciting.

Then everything changed. We lost our son in June of 2013 and I ended up in bed for 9 months. An entrepreneur usually has many balls in the air, and in my case, the balls started to fall, so we ended off having a fire sale of all 3 companies, and basically giving away everything that we had built.

Fast forward a year and we needed to figure out a way to start over. The only thing that we really had left was the software that we had built over the past 8 years to help run our own companies. I knew that this would be a challenge, as I knew absolutely nothing about software, or building a software company.

Better Software was started in August of 2014 and we started commercializing the software that we had built over the previous 8 years to help run our own companies. It was my first time in tech, it was my first time taking any money from outside investors, and it was also the fist time that I started reporting to a board.

There were many lessons learned and I would not change a thing. I ended up working with one of the best mentors anyone could ask for and I sure learned a lot about building a tech company, and the importance of building great technology.

I ended up leaving Better Software and then acquiring Better back so that we could continue building it by driving the product and vision the way I had always wanted to. We more than doubled revenue, created a strong pipeline and won several supplier of the year awards.

Customers include Neighborly and Belfor, two of the largest service franchise organizations in the world, with 34 brands like ChemDry, Molly Maid, Roto-Rooter etc.


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