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How Did We Come Up With The Ruckify Name?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

How Rückify Came to be: The Story of Naming our Business.

Arguably one of the most exciting parts about building a business is coming up with the name and building the logo. I spent a solid two plus months brainstorming names for what is known today as Rückify. At the beginning, I was admittedly pretty proud of myself after coming up with my first draft which was “Rent It”. We were in the process of building the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace, so to me it made perfect sense.

I pitched it to my daughter Katrina who was 14 at the time and she immediately shot it down. She let me know how brutal she thought the idea was and it was exactly what I needed to hear. At the beginning I was shocked and taken back but after she explained her reasoning it made perfect sense. She reiterated that we were changing the rental industry and completely reinventing the wheel and it was important that our businesses name reflected our mission and exuded innovation.

Another point Katrina made was the importance of building upon a verb. Brand names are strategic, what you choose determines how consumers perceive your brand so it’s important to choose something that rolls off the tongue and serves as an adequate representation of your brand.

Naturally, I told Katrina to try her hand at coming up with something better and she did just that. She went to the basement to do her research and came up a half an hour later with a brilliant idea. She proposed the name Ruck with a umlaut above the u. I immediately loved the symbol above the u. It was unique and the best part about the entire idea was that the term ruck loosely meant to share in German which is what our business is all about. Katrina found a way to tie the name into what we do while creating something bold and unique.

My only concern with the name Ruck was the play on words. I didn’t want anyone tainting the brand by toying between the letters. I knew that I had to keep “Ruck” because it made perfect sense and represented everything we were trying to do. In order to keep what we had, I opted for a simple solution. We added “ify” to Ruck and just like that, Rückify was born.


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