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The Importance of Practicing Firsts in Starting a New Business

Updated: May 4

Every new business we start is a roller coaster ride, but practicing your firsts can help transform that possible terrifying descent into an exhilarating thrill.

By approaching the initial steps as practice opportunities, early hiccups can be ironed-out, which equips you with the confidence and efficiency to grow your business. These deliberate efforts not only foster confidence and enhance strategic thinking, but also help in developing a resilient mindset. Remember, every business you admire today was once a beginner. Your journey through the firsts is the first stride towards your success story.

Embarking on the journey of beginning a new business is both an exciting and daunting adventure. A critical component to increasing the chances of achieving success in your venture is to approach every "first" not as a passive happenstance but as a deliberate practice opportunity. These unprecedented situations which include your first order, first sales call, and first hire can either pave the road to success or stumble you into a pitfall. Preparation and practice are not just necessary; they are essential.

1. Practice Your First Order

Imagine this: Your new e-commerce website has just gone live, a potential customer lands on your page, and places the first order. Euphoria spreads across you. But, the next logical steps are critical to set the foundation for customer service. Do you have an efficient system in place to confirm the order, process the payment, prepare the product, ship, and follow-up?

Practicing handling your first order ensures you're equipped to tackle these challenges. Whether it’s a digital product, a physical good, or a service, running through every step in your fulfillment process can identify potential hurdles. This dry run allows you to mitigate issues, streamline processes, and guarantees your first real customer gets an impressive experience, enhancing the potential for reorders and referrals.

2. Practice Your First Sales Call

One of the most nerve-racking experiences in a new business is making that first sales call. However, treat this as an opportunity for development and experience building rather than just a sales pitch.

Practicing sales pitches can significantly improve your presentation. Practice allows you to polish your brand story, simplify your unique selling points, and anticipate potential questions or objections. Rehearsing helps you refine your delivery and tone, giving you the confidence that only well-versed pitchers possess. Remember, the first sales call sets the tone for every subsequent one.

3. Practice Your First Hire

Hiring your first employee is a milestone to celebrate. It's a big commitment and you’re sharing your vision with a person who's expected to help shape and propel it.

Take the time to practice the hiring process. Write the job description, publish it, review applications, and conduct interviews—even if they're mock ones. Crafting thoughtful questions that can reveal an applicant’s compatibility with your business values and objectives can make all the difference. More importantly, practicing the onboarding process ensures your new team member feels welcomed, and hits the ground running from day one.


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